Product Review

Innovation is the driving force for sustainable development of enterprises, enterprise vibrant soul.
Tianfu always attached importance to technological innovation, management innovation, with an industry expert in management and implementation of the consultant, the management team, R & D centers, under the Department of Industrial, software, engineering, research and development consultancy services from more than 60 people, adhere to customer demand-oriented, technology and innovation as the starting point, independent research-based, supplemented by research cooperation, long-term focus on the textile industry, production automation, management of information technology research and development, the successful launch of the first domestic textile industry automatic control information management integration solutions - Tianfu dyeing industry control and management information system, which uses three systems architecture, enterprise resource planning layer by the ERP, job shop floor MES, process control system architecture composed of three layers PCS will textile enterprises depth integration of industrialization and information technology, to achieve integrated management and control.
Tianfu textile enterprises automatic control, information management integrated solutions is the core competitiveness, to maximize value creation for users, which greatly help customers improve their overall competitiveness.
In order to accelerate the dyeing industry Tianfu control and management information systems industry, make full use of human resources software, Hangzhou, close to the market, better and faster service user, registered in May 2008 established Hangzhou Tianfu Detai Information Technology Co., Ltd. , together with its parent company to create a virtual network for collaborative development and implementation services, an increase of Tin Fu's core competitiveness.