TF30 Control Computer For Jigger



Main technical performance

Control Technology

Advanced MPU MCU control technology.


Use 320 × 240 pixels monochrome display, Chinese and English switch the display.


Can be programmed into the memory 50 at the same time different processes, each process up to step 120.

Communication Technology

RS485 communication interface used to connect a variety of PLC and computer realization central monitoring.

Temperature control mode

Switch type, proportional to choose from, the maximum deviation of ≤ 1 ℃, showed an accuracy of 0.1 ℃.

Input Signal

2-way PT100 analog signals, inner cylinder and the outer cylinder for temperature detection.

1 channel 4-20mA current signal for the master cylinder or the Vice-cylinder water current signal access,

3-way pulse signal for lap signal, flow meter, water meter signal access control dyeing bath.

12-way switch signal, for electrical cabinet on the roll, back roll, stop function manual switch signal access, as well as the central control liaison switching signal access.

Output Signal

16 relay output (250VAC, 5A), to achieve control of the first volume, on the brakes, back volumes, back brakes, heating, start, slow moving, call other functions.

1 channel 4-20mA current signal

Information inquiry

Records can be stored during last 10 curves, one day during a 24-hour continuous curve.

Parameter settings

The parameter settings to achieve different control requirements, including easing intervals, jog, etc. dozen laps parameter selection.


Computer has a warming, scroll, brakes, slow moving, alarm, count laps, count the number of channels and other functions, and thus can replace PLC simplifies the configuration of the electrical cabinet, reducing equipment costs.


General jigger control equipment.

Control Power

Working voltage: AC180-260V, 50HZ, power consumption ≤ 40W, operating temperature 0-50 ℃.


272mm (W) × 162mm (height) × 160mm (depth).

Hole size

245mm (width) × 136mm (height).

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