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Tianfu has always attached great importance to technical innovation, management innovation, has a business management team of senior management experts and consultants, has established the  engineering and technology research and development center including intelligent monitoring projects department, distribution projects, setting machine monitoring projects, energy conservation and environmental protection projects,  visual image processing  development department and software development department, and has more than 70 people as engineer or technician. Adhere to the customer demand as the guide, scientific and technological innovation as the gripper, independent research and development, cooperate with colleges, long-term focus on automation and management information of the research and development for the textile dyeing and printing industry, successfully launched the first overall solution of intelligent dyeing and finishing factory by independently research and development in China. This solution systems, architected on three layer including the layer of enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution system (MES)and process control system (PCS),deeply combine industrialization with information, need no (or few) people in the production workshop, and go forward the Industry 4.0 Era of intelligent manufacturing.
    Tianfu core of competitiveness is these solutions integrated automatic control and information management for textile dyeing and printing enterprise can maximize the value for customers, greatly increase the comprehensive competitiveness of customers
    In order to speed up the industrialization of Tianfu' control and the management information system for dyeing and printing industry, make full use of the software talent resources of Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province in China, close to the market, better and faster service to users, established ‘Hangzhou Tianfu Textile Information Technology Co., Ltd.', in May 2008. We both carry on the coordinated development and implementation of services with the parent company on a virtual network as increasing the core competitiveness of the Tianfu.